About Us

Traviz... Solutions is the Holiday and travel business of IVS Group which offers exclusive tailor made tour packages and other travel related services. IVS has been a Pioneer in Visa Processing & in fact were the first to start the concept of Visa Services in India. Started in year 1986, IVS is India’s leading Visa consulting and facilitation company.
The Traviz Solution brand was established and launched with a vision to be the most exciting travel company in India.

As per the statistics, a traveler booking an online trip navigates across 30 websites. He spends numerous hours to seek the information about a destination and reads the reviews posted by unknown. On the other hand, Traviz has hands-on experience even to secret travel spots. Our job starts at the moment we get your call or you enter into a chat with us and ends at the moment you enter your home safely after the trip.

Traviz is a supporter, a guardian and a defender. No matter where you are and what the situation is, we will protect you. If you miss your train or flight, we’re the one who takes your call and help you instantly.

Traviz is devoted to trips planned your way, and not fixed, restrictive itineraries made by someone else for you. Traviz is about customizing every moment of each trip. Picking out experiences that excite you, staying at places that are truly unique and charting out every day at your pace, on your terms.

Traviz Solutions is staffed by highly trained travel consultants who specialize in creating tailor-made holidays for customers. Traviz travel consultants can help plan holidays and book flights, hotels, tours, cruises and more.