A Headstart to an Inspiring Career!

This place breathes travel. When everyone is driven by just one passion, things become immensely interesting. We all research for our upcoming travel plans and building that dream itinerary. Now imagine getting paid for building solutions to get this itinerary to the customer. It may sound cliche, but we do not feel that even for a single day. So, this is one golden opportunity where you would join a young start-up with all possibilities of rapid growth all by just following your passion.

Holiday planning is a mix of gathering information from multiple channels, talking to several service providers and constantly turning into device to plan and pay for small things. Ever thought how relaxed a traveler will be if all the answers are provided at one place without any hassle?
Welcome to Traviz where we are solving real time complex problems and building the biggest holiday eco-system.

Fast Paced & Fantastic Peers Our teams are structured to help you Shine. Drive new initiatives forward and celebrate your innovation, skill and hardwork. We aim to be that company where people can build their work around their life, not vice versa.

Fun times While we work on creating solutions to challenging problems, we also make sure employees have everything they need to relax, recharge, and have fun.

Rest and Reflect Our employees are result driven, so we trust them to manage their time offs too. Our flexible options ensure that you regulate your personal lives without any worries, as we strongly believe in living well - rounded life.

Open Space Working Environment No literal barriers encourage innovation to skyrocket. Great companies work through collaboration and our working environment makes sure that everyone feels part of a team and can see whenever anyone brings in food.